Data Integration

Enterprise data integration continues to be the most critical aspect of achieving Master Data Management and Data Quality. Master views are created by integrating data from a variety of internal data sources such as your ERP, CRM, BI and other legacy systems, as well as external data from partners and suppliers. With our extensive and proven expertise with complex and vast data integration experience, we help formulating integration strategy, data modelling, solution architecture, design, development, testing and implementation of scalable and comprehensive data synchronization infrastructure solution for your enterprise, as the backbone for your information needs.

Design Ready

Readily available integration patterns to various data source and target systems and applications both in real-time and batch mode with powerful data transformations mechanism, connecting to both on-premise and cloud systems.

Initial and On-going

Data integration design for both initial bulk data load routines as well as on-going delta data load – allowing complex transformation logic based on your data and enterprise needs.

Full Traceability

Simplify your complex data-centric deployments by improving visibility and control, with unified set of management interfaces allowing unified administration and management.

Metadata Driven

Improved efficiency with advanced design with metadata driven integration, reusable components, templates and workflows.

Integrated Data Quality

Improve your data quality with pre-built integration of with Enterprise Data Quality tool for advanced profiling, cleansing, matching and data governance needs.

First Time Right

Be assured to have the right implementation approach delivered for you the first time. Be it simple or complex, incremental or phased, nothing beats our expert team.

Business Benefits

Centralised single repository of complete, clean enterprise product data unlocks your business potential.

Allows you to have integrated master view, enables business growth through increased cross-sell/up-sell, better customer experience resulting improved customer retention.

Accurate data through automated information management, reduces operational cost through reduced manual effort and reduced errors, improves enterprise level operational efficiency, productivity and reliability.

Consolidated and reliable integrated data advances your analytical ability and provides deeper insight.

Flexibility approach provides the most suitable production readiness for business users with right data at the right time.

Integrated data enables you to identify new opportunities, reduce costs, increase sales, and improve performance by making trusted data available through preferred style of integration.

Secure and collaborative management data across the enterprise and with partners reduces operations cost and errors and faster time to market.

Why Ekulus

These are the reasons our customers trust us to deliver modern solutions process on Oracle:

Recognised Specialists

We are specialised and preferred Oracle partner in Australia for implementing Oracle solutions with a strong team of skilled and certified consultants.

Proven Experience

Our successful implementation track record across many industries are the best testimony of our experience and ensures a value add and first time right approach for our customers.

Passion & Accountability

We are passionate about taking proactive accountability in the delivery of our services and provide a single contact point so, instead of dealing with multiple parties, you can focus on making business decisions.