• CDH for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Is your CRM missing customer data?

    Unleash the Single Customer View into Microsoft Dynamics CRM with our industry proven and pre-built Matchbox solution and start unlocking true business potential.

Customer Data Hub (CDH) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our Match-box accelerated solution is built on the industry leading Oracle platform with pre-built data integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It delivers a Single Customer View with advanced and pre-configured matching and cleansing rules along with personalized and graphical 360-degree Customer View within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Accelerated implementation with pre-built data integration and pre-configured 360-degree Single View of your customer .

Easy to Use

Simple drag and drop of data files for ad-hoc cleansing and matching that can be used by business users.


Modern, simple and visual data funnel charts with full traceability of data flow and data management.


Advanced and easy to use data management dashboards to manage monitor all data activities your data and optimise data stewardship.


Personalised and advanced HTML5 tiles, icons and timelines providing a modern 360-degree view of your Customers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

True 360

Truly customer 360° consolidated view including Customer interactions history and product holdings to result into a new exciting user experience

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Business Benefits

Customer Data Hub enables single view of your customers and unlocks the true business potential of your Dynamics CRM deployment.

Unlocks the business potential with Single Customer View, through rapid implementation time with pre-built integration and pre-configured UI with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Achieve business growth through increased cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, enhanced customer experiences and improved customer retention.

Increased efficiency through quick cleansing and matching of external lists or events list with your Customer master, to determine the prospects, by simple drag and drop.

Clear visibility of data flow through cleansing, matching, merging and de-dupe process allows on-going data management refinements.

Current, complete and readily available single source of truth of your customer data improves enterprise level operational efficiency, productivity and reliability.

Accurate customer data through automated information management, reduces operational cost through reduced manual effort and reduced marketing cost such as mailing.

Enables targeted and personalised marketing campaigns results with improved campaign response rate and increased sales.

Complete profile of the customers with traceable cross reference, enables legal compliance and reduces risks.

Consolidated and reliable customer data advances your analytical ability and provides deeper insight.

Data Management Services

Apply proven data management principles and practices and get your data into shape.

Data Fitness Program

Did a personal trainer ever said you need health governance? Managing and improving your data starts with having a clear diagnosis of your data health status and defining the required fitness levels you want to achieve. Contact us to learn more about our data fitness program.

Enterprise Data Quality

Over many years we have acquired technical know-how across a variety of data quality toolset and have address a diversity of data issues. Our data quality specialists have a wealth of experience.

Master Data Management

Whether you need a customer data hub for your reporting requirements, a real-time operational data store to support your digital strategy or a product hub for your supply chain operations, we have the strongest MDM expertise in the region.

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